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L12 W8,40 H5,20


Rigging points


Day light or blackbox 


Toilet & shower

The space used to be an industrial laundrette for many years. Lots of tubes and taps have been up-cycled and reused in the bathroom.

Expo ruimte


Laat je inspireren door de tijdelijke exposities of pimp de entreé met eigen kunstwerken tijdens je verblijf.

Expo space


Get inspired by the temporary expositions or pimp your entreé with your own art works during your stay. 



Fully equiped studio with meeting room and kitchen with a view over the hall.



Need inspiration?


Een klein ateliertje om tijdens je creatie in te kunnen knutselen


A small atelier with basic tools and equipment to make small adjustments right away while you're creating.

Cozy corner


"Creativity is intelligence having fun."   Albert Einstein

Creation & rehearsals

Work with all the calm and focus you need in this exceptional space, on your new act or performance.


Try outs & presentations  

In cooperation with our partners we'll do our absolute best to, if requested, invite a small scale "test" audience.


Video recordings & photoshoots 

The space can be darkened completely so it can serve perfectly as a set for video recordings and photoshoots.


Events & activities

Looking for a unique location for your event or activity? 
We'd love to talk with you about the possibilities.

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